Sunday, 28 October 2012

Difference between AsyncTask and Thread

Different between AsyncTask and Thread in Android  
  • What is Thread ?
    • Thread is a small part of process.
    • Generally we are using thread when we want to perform more than one task at a time.
    • In Java programming thread is a in build facility so it is easy to implement and use thread in android.
    • Java/ Android also supports multi-threading
    • There are two ways of implementing Threads.
      1. Direct an instance of class named Thread
        i.e. java.lang.Thread
      2. By using Runnable interface
        public class RunnableThread implements Runnable
    • Life cycle of Thread
      New -> Runnable -> Running -> Waiting/Blocked/Sleeping
  • What is AsyncTask ?
    • AsyncTask is a combination of Thread and Runnable that enable background processing that will allow you to publish result without manipulated Thread and Handler.
    • AsyncTask will started using execute() method.
    • Use of AsyncTask
      1. While loading image from URL.
      2. Performing parsing.
      3. Want to display some process is going on.
      4. etc..
    • Flow of Asynctask execution onPreExecute() -> doInBackground() -> onPostExecute()
  • Difference between AsyncTask and Thread
    Asynctask Thread


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