Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How to install android (Step by step android installation)

Step-by-step process of android installation.
How to install android in windows 7? step by step installation of android in windows. simple way to install android. How to install android in PC? how to install android in laptop ? how to install android in eclipse? how to configure eclipse in android ? how to install android plug-ins in eclipse. How to download and install android in windows. Steps to install android,
  1. First of all download following things
  2. Install JDK
    • Set java class path
      RightClick on My Computer --> Properties --> Advance System setting --> Environment variable --> In System Variable Edit path variable --> put your directory path of JDK installation directory here up to bin folder
      Note: Don't  delete old values of path variable. Just add your dir path.

      for example: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_24\bin;
  3. Extract all zip files
    • Create folder in d:\android
    • Extract in d:\android folder
    • Extract in d:\android folder
    • Create one folder d:\android\myworkspace
    • Now you have structure like this
      • d:\android\
        • android-sdk-windows
        • eclipse
        • myworkspace
  4. Configure eclipse for android
    • Install ADT plug-ins in eclipse
    Go to d:\android\eclipse --> double click on eclipse.exe
    --> Click on Help menu --> Install new software --> 
    Click on Add button --> click on Archive button --> Select file ADT --> Mark all checkboxs --> Click on next button --> Select I accept all --> Click on next button --> Finish
    •  Setting android SDK path
      Go to Windows menu --> select preference --> click on Android
      (in left side list) --> set SDK path (in our case d:\android\android-sdk-windows) --> click Apply --> Click Ok button
  5. Create new android project
Go to File menu --> new --> other --> Android Project --> Give Project name --> Select android version (for example Android 2.2) --> Click Next button --> give package name (for example com.gtumca.myname) --> Click on Finish

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